Our Services

Bringing skill to colour and craft

We offer a range of services, each of which is customisable to your requirements. Homes, offices and industrial establishments each have their own requirements; we can cater to your demands, and handle any project with the latest techniques at our disposal.

Interior and Exterior Painting

We undertake all projects for residential, commercial and industrial properties. We are specialists at exterior painting. Whether you need solutions that incorporate weather-proofing, waterproofing, options in looks, styles and textures – our workmanship is of the highest grade. We use Dulux and Johnstone’s, to ensure that your walls get not only that perfect shade you desire, but also the advantages of the latest advances in world-class paint.

Spray Painting

We are skilled at performing spray painting jobs – on home walls, kitchen walls or even commercial spaces. We use both airless and HVLP spraying equipment, to give you that incomparable touch of class.

We also do excellent work with spray painting of furniture. Give your furniture a nice coat of spray paint; it’s faster, leaves no tell-tale brushstrokes, dries super-fast and looks great!

We also offer a Bespoke Kitchen Repaint Service, why replace your units if they aren’t broken? Give us a call and we can show you some examples.

New Homes

Newly-plastered homes and rooms require great delicacy and care. A fine paint job on them ensures long-term durability, and looks fantastic to the eye. We can advise on different painting systems to achieve a long-lasting finish. We also use Festool and Mirka Dust free sanding equipment to ensure smart, swift and stylish finishes to your new homes. We also offer Airless spray systems for new homes for a quick turnaround for professional developers and would be property enthusiasts.

External Woodwork Repairs

Apart from simply painting, we perform repairs on woodwork, that is exposed to nature. Rotten wood, cracking wood, discoloured woodwork, all tend to make a place look uncared-for. We can repair and touch up the woodwork, give it a smooth coat of paint and leave it looking as good as new.

All our services are undertaken with the best technology and techniques that assist in delivering professional and high-quality work. We are full-qualified in the use of tower-scaffolding, we regularly operate cherry-pickers; there is no project beyond our scope, thanks to our comprehensive technical back-up and training.

With a surge in residential and commercial establishments in the UK, and a renewed passion in people to create and maintain beautiful homes and offices, the need of the hour is genuine expertise. If you’re entrusting your property, your furniture, your home to painters, you need the assurance that they know what they’re doing, and more importantly, they know what you need.

Derwent Painting Services is proud of its record of successfully working to deliver clients their perfect properties, which look as beautiful as new, everyday.

For that long lasting finish to your property, call us today on 01773 820598 or write to us here and one of our associates will gladly set up an appointment.